In this page, I am trying to collect some links on science in India.(This page is under construction .)


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  1. nayagam Says:

    Today I came across a pamphlet titled India: The uneven innovator[PDF] published this Jan. It is a part of a UK-funded study of science and innovation in various Asian countries and is an interesting read.

  2. Those of a scientific and disposition may be interested in my recently published work “Unusual Perspectives”
    It is aimed at the general reader. While some of the interpretations presented are very radical, they are firmly grounded in our best current understandings of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
    A brief description follows – more to be found on website:

    Using skeins of understanding drawn from a variety of apparently disparate fields of knowledge which include Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Cosmology and Information Technology, this significant work weaves a fabric which displays striking patterns relating to the overall nature of the wonderful process that we call “life”.
    These patterns not only underline the seemingly inevitable chance-mediated evolution of organic life-forms with which we are familiar, but also strongly suggest that the concept of a “life process” can be usefully extended to include precursors such as stellar/supernoval nucleosynthesis and products, such as the current exponential growth of technology. This present progression is seen to have underlying “free-market” mechanisms very closely analogous to those of Darwinian evolution. Extrapolation of this very clear trend results in a very counter-intuitive but quite compelling vision of the future. A future that, because the process is exponential, might be upon us in but a few decades. A future dominated by a new endogenous life-form. A future in which humankind, if not ready to make the radical adaptations required, may well perish.

  3. Dr. Anand R Says:

    There is one more scientific institution working for the development of science and technology in Karnataka.

    In order to give impetus and to further the science and technology related activities in the State as well as to popularize science among different cross sections of the society, especially in rural areas, Government of Karnataka has established “Karnataka Science and Technology Academy (KSTA)” under the Department of Science and Technology on July 30, 2005
    KSTA is carrying out many science and technology related programs under the Chairmanship of Prof. U.R. Rao, an Internationally renowned Space Scientist and Former Chairman, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) / Secretary, DOS, Govt. of India. It has 18 members comprising of eminent scientists and educationists as well as Principal Secretaries/Secretaries of the Government Departments and representatives of scientific institutions.

    Academy has been registered as Society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 on 06th April, 2009. Academy is implementing many programs to create awareness on the advancements in the field of science and technology among general public especially for students. For further information kindly visit

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