Society of Fellows

January 17, 2014

An old tradition calls on a snowy Monday evening
And a drop readies to leave its mother cloud
To return to the earth that sustains all
To stay and taste the roots of many a tree
To smell the newness of the old fields
Into the depths of night
Till the Tuesday breeze carries it gently away.




United States

January 17, 2014

As the starred banner flutters in
A much revered and a much reviled court,
A foreign heart fights to see through
Mists of an old game
That swirled into the civil war.
Memories of a son long estranged
Returning in fratricide
After a long wait.
A tradition breaking tradition
To disown who disown.
Power Deception Darkness with flashes of
Moral depth and imagination.
Here is home of the brave
Where “Now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three;
But the greatest of these is charity.”
Judge justly, my heart !
For, this, after all, is a Karna’s court.


Image Credit : CNN