Arvind Gupta’s Website

June 3, 2007

The Blog Physica Page on Condensed matter books is up. It is a page under construction and a lot more work has to be done. For example, as of now, it is egregiously weak on soft condensed matter books, books on semiconductor physics. So, dear reader, if you think you can help us in that regard, please do so.

Sometime ago, I came across the site by Arvind gupta at IUCAA Children’s Science Centre. For those who haven’t heard of him before, he is the 1988 winner of the National Award for Science Popularisation amongst Children, conferred by the Department
of Science & Technology, Government of India. And a recipient of Distinguished Almunus Award 2000 from the IITK “In recognition of his outstanding and seminal contributions in developing low-cost science-base teaching aids for young children and thus doing a great service to humanity at large”. (or you could just watch him in action at youtube right at the end of this post).

The site has a great collection of material regarding popular science and education in general. I particularly liked the comic titled the story of physics with a slightly humorous slant. You should check it out sometime, you might like it too. It is a children’s history of physics[1] with pages like the one below

Or, if you think you have already outgrown comics, you might like articles like this one – “In Search for the Meaning of Science” by A.K.Roy . There are many articles like the one by Roy which take a hard look into what science means for Indian society – deep reading, indeed.

And as promised, here is the youtube video of a “talk” by Arvind Gupta.

Arvind Gupta – Toys from Everyday Stuff

This video was shot at MAIS, Bangalore when tinkerer and toy-maker, Arvind Gupta (winner of the National Award for Science Popularisation) worked with kids of Std. 06 and showed them how to make some exciting inventions from ordinary stuff like straws, film roll cannisters, empty toothpaste tubes and string!

[1] By children’s history, I mean a kind of a kind of history which is consciously oversimplified (for example, by opting deliberately for a whiggish tone) so that it is accessible to children.


4 Responses to “Arvind Gupta’s Website”

  1. gaddeswarup Says:

    Somewhat vaguely related to the topic and you might have already seen this:
    I saw the link in Atanu Dey’s blog.

  2. Subhojoy Says:

    Thanks! Your previous post was a kind of wake-up call I guess – might take a while, but I’ll slowly get round to posting some math stuff.. 😀

  3. Sandeepan Says:

    I was a physics student at IITk and hence know about you…accidentally found ur blog
    Please look at my comment on an earlier post-“On Science”

  4. Vivek Saxena Says:

    This blog post is now officially one year old. Hope you blog again soon Tom 🙂

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