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February 21, 2007

  • introduces \LaTeX. It is a big deal for a blog like this, since, it allows me to write equations “on the fly” . It works even in comments ! Just use the syntax $latex <LaTeX Eqn.>$

    For example, try this – $latex E= \sqrt{p^2c^2+m^2c^4}$ gives E= \sqrt{p^2c^2+m^2c^4} . Of course, the downside is that in rare cases, \LaTeX tempts you into using more math even when it is not strictly necessary.

  • You would notice that I’ve put up a new page – The Scientific India . I realised that it is not possible for me to put the various science-in-India-related sites in my blogroll. Hence, I’ve created a separate page for those links.
  • Talking about blogroll, I’ve added many new geology/math/many other blogs to the list. You will notice that I’ven’t created a separate list for Computer science – for now, I’ve decided to club it together with math, I’ll try to make a separate list later…[1]
  • Update (27/2) : I’ve added some more blogs. Check out this post titled “Quantum mechanics and Tomb Raider” by Terence Tao.

  • Via n-category Cafe, I came across an article titled “What is good mathematics?” by Terence Tao. The second half of the article is on something called as Szemeredi’s theorem about which I know almost nothing [2]. But, I found the discussion in the first half quite interesting.
    Endnotes :

  1. Have a look at the inaugural edition of the carnival of mathematics . It has links to a lot of interesting posts including a post on algebraic topology titled A_\infty for layman”.
  2. These posts seem to be a good place to start if and when I want to learn what it is all about – I don’t see it happening any time in the near future, though.

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