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January 19, 2007

I’ve updated my blogroll adding many new blogs and removing some dead links. Now, to some news..

1) Via Desipundit,

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam raises the question of terrorism on Yahoo Answers and the world responds (Yahoo staff assure it is indeed the President)..

I should grant it to our president – sometimes he is just amazing ! And among the respondents is Kiran Bedi herself ! And my opinion, if you’re interested, is not very much different from hers as far as the general question is concerned. And it is very difficult to come up with a more useful reply unless we focus on to a specific case of terrorism…

2) Arunn points to a call to blog Just Science for one week

…we would like to propose a Week of Science, to begin on Monday, February 5, and end on Sunday, February 11. During that time each blogger should post about science only, with at least one post per day…

Bloggers who self-identify as scientists and science writers should post on:

1. Published, peer-reviewed research and their own research.
2. Their expert opinion on actual scientific debates – think review articles.
3. Descriptions of natural phenomena (e.g., why slugs dissolve when you put salt on them, or what causes sun flares; scientific knowledge that has reached the level of fact) …

I guess I should sign up too. And like Razib, I should start putting posts on queue – there is no way that I’ll be able to write one post per day.

Update :

3) Abi points to an interesting report on primary education in India.


5 Responses to “News From Indian Blogsphere”

  1. Arunn Says:

    good to see you are taking up the task. hope it brings more fun and new stuff into your learning domain. hope you make a current physics research post that I can follow.

  2. nayagam Says:

    Do you have any suggestions for the topics which I should try covering ?

  3. Arunn Says:

    thanks for asking me.

    if i am spared of my current research topics, i would concentrate on GR – always; anytime. but i am now a thermal science researcher – which i like as well; given the present interests, personally i would prefer if one or two posts of yours carry some fluid mechanics and/or thermal science topics…

    but, this is not a “restriction” just a suggestion and need not be adhered to so that it become a “chore” for you. research is freedom…

  4. nayagam Says:

    …concentrate on GR..

    Hmm, I’m afraid some of my previous attempts at popular articles on GR ended up too technical. I will try to come up with something better this time.

    ..some fluid mechanics and/or thermal science topics…

    Well, does plasma physics count ? 🙂

  5. Arunn Says:

    yep. it (plasma) should make me definitely read it…

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