December 23, 2006

Unsurprisingly, I am late for Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon(See here for a list of posts) . It’s ten years since sagan died.

(Hmm.. Lately my blog has reduced to a series of posts in memorial of different anniversaries ! I promise my readers that I will try to come up with something else for the next post..)

Carl Sagan affected so many of us in so many different ways. I still remember reading Cosmos [Amazon] when I was younger and being awed by the wonder of it all. If you hadn’t noticed before, the quote just beneath this blog’s title comes from sagan.

Sagan is no more. But the spirit which drove him still survives in his wife Ann Druyan who is equally unflinching in supporting science and its popularisation. I could clerly recognise that spirit, for example, when I heard Druyan answer a question in the middle of a discussion about science and religion.

The greatest legacy of Sagan, in my eyes, is the realisation that a culture without science is as impoverished as a culture without art or music. Given how few people realise that fact (with my limited experience, I can safely assert that even most science students don’t realise it) world really needs more sagans today.

These are two videos of sagan I could get hold of at youtube.
Carl Sagan on Alexandria
Part 1

Part 2

You might also like to read this post – “Casting out the demons” by Jennifer Oullette.


One Response to “Sagan”

  1. Subrahmanya Says:

    Sagan reinforced a few of my thoughts also. Just see what do I say “about me” in my blog!

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