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April 10, 2006

Some of us here at IITK are trying to build a blog where we can put up interesting topics and links in physics. I hope it serves as an active discussion forum – It is hightime IITK had such a forum. Whether it will succeed or not, of course depends heavily on my juniors. In that sense neither the credit(if it succeeds) nor the blame(if it does not) would belong to me. But, I do wish it all success..

You can see the blog here – Anyway, if you re not interested in going there, you can amuse yourself with pranks people play 😉

Update (26/4): Or equally well, Have a look at what some of my juniors are upto – GammaSong ! 🙂


7 Responses to “Blog Physica”

  1. aswin Says:

    nice forum! how did u guys get mathml going on wordpress? does not seem to work for me.

  2. nayagam Says:

    Hi aswin, guess what ? we didn’t get mathml working. I don’t know from where you got the idea to the contrary…

  3. Aswin Says:

    Oh!..I thought this was mathml generated from ttm or something like that.

  4. nayagam Says:

    Hmm, now that you point to me. May be you are right. I must ask the person who posted it how he did it. anyway, let me try something

    Ok,this is confusing- but it seems you can include the things mentioned here in the post. And as far as comments go, some of the tags work and some of them don’t ! ( I can’t get the subscript tag to work in the comments for one..)

  5. Shanth Says:

    Well I was the one who edited that post, and actually it’s all just plain ol’ HTML so far. Well from the extended-ASCII, you can get all greek letters and things like ⟨ etc. WIth unicode it’s a whole new world and you’ve basically got LaTeX without the typesetting.

    @Tom: As for the subscript thing, the tag doesn’t work when a commenter uses it, but as administrator, you can edit the comment and include these things. Awkward, but it works if you’re hyperfinicky and have infinite free time.

    In fact, if you are really desperate, then using boxes and CSS you can even typeset things as in \frac and lay out matrices & stuff, but that’s a whole new level of joblessness.

  6. Rohit Jain Says:

    hey!! how did ya get to add blog address of these iitian.. add me as well.

    nice forum

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