Happy Birthday, Einstein !

March 14, 2006

The title says it all ! And this is enough excuse for me to post some of my favourite photoes of Einstein. 😉



Further, I came across a beautiful article titled Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity- In Words of Four Letters or Less which you should definitely read ! And then, here is an attempt to answer why Everyone Loves Einstein. Well, may be not everyone !

Einstein quite deservingly has become an icon for science in general and physics in particular. He was not infallible (His rejection of Quantum mechanics is an interesting example) and indeed by the very nature of science, no hero of science can be infallible . But, the fact remains that he saw farther than his colleagues and his benign influence still reverberates through many fields of theoretical physics – from cosmology of the very big to the quantum gravity of the very small. The theory of general relativity, The postulate of light quanta and The phenomenon of Bose-Einstein condensation – each of them is worth a nobel prize.

After celebrating the whole of the last year as the worldyear of physics, people have heard so much about Einstein that I have very little to add. Meanwhile, Astronomers are reporting that Jupiter has developed a new redspot


On this very day, Americans are celebrating Pi day. If you are still scratching your head, March 14th is written as 3.14 in the American way of writing dates – No one can compete with mathematicians for inventing excuses for math 😉


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