The Five Years

February 23, 2006

A deep impatience of the half-night,
A furious stare at the red-brick citadels,
A walk with thoughts coursing through the veins,
A deep love, A near-lunatic laugh, A yearning,
Pointed complaints, peripheral rituals,
A journey into the young elite Indian mind,
A life !

A subtle pain not unlike the birth pangs,
A ruthless wall involuntarily dividing what ought to be undivided,
A silent fall of the great and the mighty,
A darkness with a pessimistic sting,
Unattempted greatness, mysterious shadows,
A dissection of life with lazy passion,
A deaf path !

A long road walked with the illustrious,
A whisper in the air penetrating the soul,
A rare music to forget all,
A crazy subject to caress the mind,
Unwatched fountains, smiling faces,
A sleep in the library with quantum field theory,
A richness of theme !

A beautiful morning, the cold nights,
A pursuit for light and deeper understanding,
A moment of silence becoming the voice of the multitude,
A stubborn walk day after day, year after year,
The wonder that is human, effervescence of language,
A watch from the distance, the eternal hand-wringing,
A struggle to connect !

A hesitation to haste, the refusal to hate,
A star-gazing solitude, the rainy afternoons,
A long monologue with relativity,
A perception of the unsure India,
The impersonal institute, the immunised hypocrisy,
A suicide, a drama running in our breath,
A sojourn to relish !


One Response to “The Five Years”

  1. jigyasu Says:

    To be very honest, I didn´t understand much. But one thing I know for sure, you feel very strongly about it!
    I think that´s good enough…
    Keep up the good work of self expression !

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