There is Music

February 20, 2006

There is Music ! When the silence of the air is broken, and when the voices summon the deep human feelings through the sonic waves, I find myself standing alone troubled by some deep questions…

There are not many who would go into rhapsody over the Maxwell’s equations, but such a reaction is apparently commonplace in a music audience . Sometimes I wonder – does music touch and celebrate nature in a deeper way than science does ? Or is the very comparison ridiculuous ? And how is it that music is so inclusive – belonging both to the elite and the ignorant decorating the lives of both whereas science still has to tear down its walls ?

Ok, here is the context- there was this “Musical Extravaganza” at the IITK auditorium. And there were voices- voices which glide through music with a deep confidence like the mighty whale in the deep sea, which startle me everytime I hear them – It was the duo Adish and Narasimha. I can but bow in humility and mutter to myself how you can give anything for these voices ! I am not a music aficionado to appreciate them well, so I shall remain demure in my silence…

But deep are the questions, and in a suble way the way of the scientist is same as the voice of the musician.Both are attempts to bring nature and human mind together. And whenever I hear a good music, I feel a tinge of childish jealousy on how for one moment, that music has gone closer to nature than I have 🙂


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