Blogging Science

February 11, 2006

Some interesting links I came across

” Learning to Speak Science” written by Chris Mooney

Those of us who care about science had better learn to address and win over this audience, and not just on specific issues like evolution and climate change. We must also explain the nature of the scientific method and the societal importance of scientific knowledge. “One of the biggest explanatory holes that’s waiting to be filled by somebody is: What is the role of science in a democracy?? notes Cultural Logic’s Joseph Grady. It’s a massive challenge, but then, so was every other challenge that scientists have faced.

“The Wisdom of Parasites” posted by Carl Zimmer

I collect tales of parasites the way some people collect Star Trek plates. And having filled an entire book with them, I thought I had pretty much collected the whole set. But until now I had somehow missed the gruesome glory that is a wasp named Ampulex compressa…

“First, Ever, Three Dimensional Photos of Fossils Inside Rocks” written by Afarensis

..”It’s astounding to see an organically preserved, microscopic fossil inside a rock and see these microscopic fossils in three dimensions,” said Schopf, who is also a geologist, microbiologist and organic geochemist…

“We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us” by Chad Orzel

There’s been a good deal of research on how best to get people to learn the basic principles of physics, and at least among the people I’ve heard from, there seems to be a clear consensus: The biggest obstacles to learning physics are the pre-existing misconceptions of the students, and the best way to teach them is to confront those misconceptions directly…


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