New Year !

December 31, 2005

A New Year Begins !
It is an excuse to look back on what change a single revolution of our little blue planet can bring.
Let the time unfold !


2 Responses to “New Year !”

  1. Aswin Says:

    In the ‘about’ page, I saw that u were cribbing about displaying Math in your blog.
    It is a tricky thing to incorporate. The way you are including latex–>html images is one way of doing it. Another way out could be using MathML code in your blogposts. Now, I am not sure if wordpress interface is going to complain about the MathML code. There are quite a few blogs which use MathML (like Distler’s Blog).

  2. nayagam Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    As you can imagine I find the present method of including formulae to be quite time-consuming. MathML definitely seems a good idea and yes I’ve seen Distler’s blog before. But, I can’t include the MathML plugin – I am sure wordpress interface works with it, but as I understand it, doesnot allow me to include plugins. 😦

    Anyway, never mind. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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